Recydia attends ‘’Waste Management Symposium’’ in Antalya


Waste Management Symposium, organised by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning and Turkey Environmental Protection Association is held between 25th-29th of January, 2015 in Antalya. Recydia A.Ş. and Çimentaş A.Ş. participate the symposium, which has participants of market partners, with various presentations and application. Recydia General Manager, Mr Oguz Can is the first speech giver with his presentation named ‘’ Waste Management in EU & World New Approach and Technologies’’ after the opening speeches on the first day. Recydia QEHS Manager, Mr Mustafa Eryurt makes the presentation named ‘’ SRF/RDF Preparation and Application’’ and Ms Özge Erbulundu, QEHS Chief makes the presentation named  ‘’ Industrial Hazardous Waste Landfill Acceptance and Application Samples’’. 
Mr Can who is the Deputy Chair of  TAYÇED at the same time, takes the certificate of appreciation given to TAYÇED. 
Mr Can is also the chair of session; ‘’Incentives and Financial Resources at Waste Management Activities’’ and states that the symposium is an important step for the development of the sector with the high participation and rich content.
Furthermore, Çimentaş Environment & AFR Manager, Mr Yücel Kilit gives information about ‘’Raw Material Usage in Cement Sector’’ in TCMA Session.