Energy Production from Waste

Recydia, Inc. prioritizes waste reduction and sorting and recycling and recovery at waste sources as an aspect of waste management hierarchy, while attaching a special importance on secondary raw material recovery and energy production from waste in terms of sustainable development.

Biogases and synthetic gasses produced by aerobic and anaerobic biological processes or advanced thermal processes such as pyrolysis preferred according to waste characteristics can be transformed into electricity by being burned in electric motors.

Energy production from waste has a positive and direct effect on regional development models. Waste-to-Energy is a supplementary module of an integrated waste management in addition to recycling operations in terms of minimizing the amount of wastes going to landfill.

Recydia, Inc. is specialized on both producing electricity by advanced thermal process and producing Refuse Derived Fuels (RDF) and electricity by biological processes.

Recydia, Inc. has built industrial-scale facilities both abroad and in its own plants and shares his experience with local administrations.