The Role of Waste Management and Recycling in Urban Transformation Summit


Urban Transformation Summits panel named ‘’The Future of the City, the City of the Future’’ is held on 7th January in İzmir Hilton Hotel with the sponsorship of ÇİMENTAŞ and EGİAD. Mr. Oğuz Can, Recydia General Manager attends the panel as the speech giver and underlines that the construction waste and other wastes occur due to urban transformation is not a trouble but an opportunity to create raw material etc. with recycling. Mr. Can emphasizes that waste management and recycling is crucial for construction sector as for all other sectors and states that the damages of wastes can be minimized and wastes can contribute to the environment if all managed correctly. Mr. Can adds that construction storage of @ which means 500-700.000 buildings will be in the scope of urban transformation just in İzmir in 15 years which will cause almost 35-60 million construction waste and those wastes are not possible to be managed via landfill so that background such as regulations, incentive, logistics  should be constituted to recycle those waste and to produce building brick, ready mixed concrete, concrete pipe, paving stone, manhole cover, asphalt packing material and cement.
Upholding that reclamation of degraded quarries and mine reclamation, usage of vegetable soils in cultivated areas and recreation areas can be provided properly, Mr. Can gives figures related to the issue by touching on the importance of recycling on EU compliance process and says ‘’ In European Union with 27 members the plastic recycling industry is employing 162018 people. 
It is aimed to create a recycling sector with 400.000 people working and 42 bio Euro budget as of 2020 by carrying out EU Waste Regulations’’ Mr. Can continues ‘’Although Turkey has made important progresses on environment and waste management, there is still a long distance to cover in EU Compliance progress. It is expected to make progress with audits and application in the upcoming period with the compliance of legal regulation. The opportunity of capacity development is taken with urban transformation opportunity in the sector requiring integrated planning and investments. It is crucial for Turkey to take that opportunity. ‘’ and ends his speech by indicating that ‘’This is the consignment for next generations’’.